What does a ‘community-based’ preschool mean?

Birubi Point Preschool is a community-based preschool. This means it is a not for profit entity designed to meet the needs of the children and families of the community in which it is situated.

At what age should my child go to preschool?

Children start preschool at the age of three or four. Four year olds in the year before school are given priority.

How many days does my child have to go to preschool?

The minimum and maximum number of days that a child will be able to attend depends on availability. Please contact us for current information regarding this.

Will preschool help my child be ready for school?

Yes. Preschools help children to become socially and developmentally prepared to transition to school. Preschools also work with children at levels that are appropriate to their age, and enable children to develop and learn, gaining social competency and skills.

Can I claim Child Care Benefits?

Families using preschools cannot claim the Child Care Benefits. 

How do I enrol in a preschool?

Contact preschool. It is best to contact preschool as early as possible before you want them to start – even 12 months before as we usually have a waiting list.

Do preschools provide meals?

No. Families pack a healthy lunch with a drink and afternoon tea for their child.

Does my child need to be toilet trained?

Yes it is preferable they are toilet trained. However if your child is not yet toilet trained we will work with families to achieve this goal.

How do you communicate about my child’s day?
Your child’s learning stories, photos and group learning experiences will be easily accessible through the Educa site.

The staff at Birubi will also communicate with you regularly on a 1-1 basis with regards to how your child is going.

kids child care lined up waiting at birubi point community preschool
kids playing games with career at birubi point community preschool
kids with artwork at birubi point community preschool